KTIMA CHATZIGEORGIOU CABERNET SAUVIGNON RED WINE 750ML has deep purple color in the glass.

Attractive nose of moderate (+) aromatic intensity with notes of juicy, ripe sour cherry, blueberry jam and cherry, accompanied by Vanilla, Cinnamon, butter and smoky hints. The herbal character unfolds gradually with notes of tea and eucalyptus.

In the palate it has medium body, moderate (+), refreshing acidity and velvety tannins. Cherry, plum, blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, butter and black tea create a delicious and complex set. The long lasting aftertaste leaves a sense of dark chocolate in the palate.

In a blind tasting, even the most experienced sommelier would be confused. The notes of eucalyptus, the juicy, black and red fruits, the velvety tannins and its exuberant spicy character could easily refer to a Cabernet Sauvignon from the New World. Shockingly, it is KTIMA CHATZIGEORGIOU CABERNET SAUVIGNON RED WINE 750ML from Kavala.

Ktima Chatzigeorgiou is known for its juicy and delicious wines and for its organic tactics. They have managed to integrate the French varieties in Kavala with unique results. Cabernet Sauvignon in particular, is one of the “diamonds” of the estate, as its condensation, complexity and value for money ratio, have ranked it as one of the finest Cabernet within borders. With a completely changed label, but with the same winemaking techniques (12 months in French oak barrels), Cabernet Sauvignon Ktima Chatzigeorgiou came to surprise any winelover or non-winelover, that will be found in its way.

Take the test. Open a bottle with your friends and wait for their reactions. We advise you to have a second bottle!

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